Art Studio Fotev - handmade unique 3- D pictures, leather sculptures, exclusive handbags, personalized monograms



Traditional and modern art

LEATHERCRAFT STUDIO FOTEV Traditional and modern art Studio Fotev boasts over 40 years’ tradition and more than 40 participations in international exhibitions in European countries /Germany, Austria, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Italy/. The product range includes ladies’ accessories, necklaces, bracelets, belts, handbags, wallets, sculptures, 3-dimensional leather pictures, albums and portfolios, on which the client’s personal monogram can be inlaid. The design and workmanship are the work of a Bulgarian family of artistic masters of national crafts. The ideas are borrowed from the ancient Bulgarian folklore and the products contain a blend of floral elements, birds and the sun as the eternal symbol of the source of life. The exhibits are imbued with the warmth of the Bulgarian spirit and temperament. One of the unique techniques used is leather filigree. The materials come from farm animals /pig, sheep, goat and calf skin/ and not from wild animals. From 1994 to 2007 our work process was displayed live and was admired by the tourists in the Albena resort. Over the period 2007-2011 our works were on show in an art gallery in the Golden Sands resort featuring works of a group of Bulgarian artists “Art 91“, as well as in an art gallery in the Palace Botanical Gardens in Balchik in 2012. Some of our works are owned by private collectors from around the world and by many public organizations, town halls, museums and banks, including the Leder und Shue Museum Ofenbach am Main /the world famous leather and shoes museum/, the municipality of Miami, USA, etc. In 2007 we made a donation to the Rila Monastery in Bulgaria, included on the UNESCO list of world heritage of an elegant leather album with antique filigree decoration on the cover, which has already been declared a valuable church possession. Our 3-dimensional leather pictures are an excellent idea not just for a personal gift but a present for the whole family. They will adorn your home and will also increase their value with time. All your guests would enjoy the exquisiteness of the leather filigree. The works of Leathercraft Studio Fotev would be a valuable and fine gift for any respectable friend of yours.